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    [resources/ews] Adjust name of root collection to the name of the resource · 4484df3d
    Igor Poboiko authored
    The name of root collection inside the Akonadi DB (and thus, i.e. inside KMail)
    is always `akonadi_ews_resource#`, even if the resource itself was renamed.
    Even though we call `mRootCollection->setName(name())`, the name get's
    overriden after we fetch it from DB.
    The settings UI changes the name of the resource, but not root collection.
    This patch runs `CollectionModifyJob` to rename the root collection in both
    scenarios: either when we fetch root collection or change the resource name.
    BUG: 413078
    BUG: 416663
    Test Plan:
    1) Open KMail -> Settings -> Accounts -> Receiving -> EWS account
    2) Change "Account Name", save
    3) The change gets applied to Mailbox View inside KMail UI immediately
    Reviewers: dvratil, nowicki
    Reviewed By: dvratil
    Subscribers: kde-pim
    Tags: #kde_pim
    Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D27817
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