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    Derive all card commands from CardCommand and CardCommand from Command · 32c6f48b
    Ingo Klöcker authored
    * Add two constructors for commands that are independent of
      KeyListController, but that may set a parent widget (e.g. for dialogs
      shown by the commands)
    * Simplify member initialization
    * Remove methods initially duplicated from Command
    * Remove empty default implementation of doCancel()
    AuthenticatePIVCardApplicationCommand, ChangePinCommand,
    PIVGenerateCardKeyCommand, SetPIVCardApplicationAdministrationKeyCommand:
    * Implement doCancel()
    * Adjust some calls of methods of super class
    CertificateToPIVCardCommand, KeyToCardCommand:
    * Derive from CardCommand instead of Command
    * Remove serialNumber member, get serial number from super class
    * Add mId member to allow overriding the hard-coded id ("Notepad")
    * Derive from CardCommand instead of ImportCertificatesCommand
    * Use ImportCertificateFromDataCommand internally
    * Implement doCancel()
    GnuPG-bug-id: 5066
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