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    korgac: on first run, show alarms from the last 10 days. · 68a022fd
    David Faure authored
    This was already the intent, but it was broken, nothing showed up.
    "from" was an invalid date, and it was passed as remindAtDate,
    so the removed if() was always false.
    I don't see what sense it makes to pass the "previous check date" as
    remindAtDate anyway, so now I'm passing "now" as date. But that seems
    redundant with item->mTrigger....
    Anyhow for me this fixes the main bug: reminders show up for a fresh
    user (with existing calendars).
    Test Plan:
    killall korgac; remove the CalendarsLastChecked entry from ~/.config/korgacrc
    and restart korgac, the last 10 days of reminders should show up.
    Reviewers: winterz
    Reviewed By: winterz
    Subscribers: kde-pim
    Tags: #kde_pim
    Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D29360
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