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Collection of fixes for bugs and visual tweaks throughout Kalendar

Claudio Cambra requested to merge work/collection_fixes into master

This MR contains a number of fixes for bugs in Kalendar. In no particular order:

  • Fixed bug where some incidences were covered up by others on the month view
  • Fixed vertical spacing in month view -- events now always go top to bottom, all-day events first
  • Added horizontal and vertical padding to lines in month view
  • Calendar colours are now properly pulled from Akonadi (requires user-set colours), will then try to pull from KOrganizer config if available
  • Calendar colours now visible in calendar settings
  • Improved colouring of current month incidence lines in month view and schedule view, with specific adjustments for dark mode
  • Incidence lines in months not current now no longer have backgrounds, just coloured text
  • Double clicking on square in month view grid now correctly sets incidence editor to this date


Light mode comparison (before top, after bottom):

image image

Dark mode comparison (before top, after bottom):

image image

Calendar colour sync and calendar settings:


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