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Rearrangements to incidence info drawer and general drawer fixes on mobile

Claudio Cambra requested to merge work/clau/bottom_mobile_info into master

This MR contains a new bottom incidence info drawer arrangement on mobile for better reachability:


There are also a multitude of changes and fixes to the todo view's completed todos drawer, which is now a sheet and works correctly. Concretely:

  • No more phantom todos on collection change
  • The incidence info drawer now opens correctly on selecting a todo
  • The context menu now appears correctly on right-click/long press of a todo


  • Clicking on a navigation element in mobile mode (i.e. the 'view all todos' button) closes the drawer after the page has changed
  • Busy indicator no longer shows up in incidence info drawer when location is given as link
Edited by Claudio Cambra

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