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Add event editing and deleting capabilities, major bugfixes

Claudio Cambra requested to merge work/eventediting into master

This MR contains a number of changes:

  • Kalendar can now edit and delete existing events
  • Events from read-only collections can only be viewed and not edited/deleted
  • The event editor now supports displaying and adding event recurrence exceptions
  • Clicking on events now provides an informative card similar (but not yet equal to) KOrganizer's
  • Right-clicking on events not presents context menu allowing users to edit or delete event
  • Monthview now changes months properly without altering order of weekdays
  • Many, many bugs squashed


  • Move event editor sheet to separate window on desktop (DONE)
  • Break up event editor components into separate QML components, same with month view event cards
  • Provide user with confirmation dialog before event deletion (DONE)
  • Display journals and to-dos in kalendar (Next MR?)
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