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    Don't use LocalDataBaseManager as a singleton · 4df06e0e
    Daniel Vrátil authored
    Instead make LocalDatabaseManager an instance-based interface for a
    singleton backend. The reason is that when running Kontact, both
    Akregator, KMail and possibly others who use WebEngineViewer would
    share the same instance of LocalDataBaseManager and connect to its
    signal. This means that when you click on a link in KMail, KMail
    requests URL check from LocalDataBaseManager singleton and the
    singleton emits a signal, the signal is delivered to all
    applications that are connected to it, not just KMail. This results
    in each application opening the link.
    This patch removes the singleton from LocalDataBaseManager and makes
    each WebEngineView own its own instance of LocalDataBaseManager.
    Internally, the actual implementation is still a singleton, however
    the public interface is non-singleton, which means that each application
    is connected to its own LocalDataBaseManager instance, thus avoiding
    the issue described above.
    Differential Review: https://phabricator.kde.org/D5577
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