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  • v1.2   Tagging 1.2
    Release v1.2

    Calindori 1.2

    • Calendar import functionality on desktop has been fixed
    • Mobile-desktop convergence improvements
    • Start date, due and alarm functionality added to tasks
    • When creating a new event, a reminder is automatically added
    • Week and day views have been created
  • v1.1   Calindori version 1.1
    f0ede4f4 · Introduce version 1.1 ·
    Release v1.1

    Calindori 1.1


    • Event alarms functionality added
    • Plasma calendar backend replaced with a new monthmodel
    • Month view vertical swipes
    • Flat event view added
    • Sort todos on the flat card view
    • Repeating events
    • Save space on page edges
    • Offer event start date change
    • Rework how new incidences update the view
  • v1.0   Version 1.0
    1d6f2d4e · Add 1.0 changelog ·
    Release Calindori 1.0

    First public release of Calindori. It includes the following features: agenda, tasks, events and import functionality.