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Make phone number explicitly an argument of plasmaphonedialer inside

Marco Mattiolo requested to merge (removed):tiol-master-patch-85903 into master

While preparing the Debian package for plasma-dialer, I get the following lintian-warning (among a lot other warnings... :D )

W: plasma-dialer: desktop-mime-but-no-exec-code [usr/share/applications/]

According to the relevant web page [1], this is just matter of adding the "%u" argument at the end of Exec line inside desktop file, then why not fixing it upstream? ;)

During tests on the 22.09 package, I have seen that phone number is already correctly passed to plasma-dialer when tapping on a tel: link, then we are just speaking of a formal fix.

As reference, gnome-calls has it [2].

[1] desktop-mime-but-no-exec-code


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