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kcm: Move Blocked devices into a section of their own; hide or disable Connect buttons

ivan tkachenko requested to merge work/r/kcm-blocked into master

kcm: Move Blocked devices into a section of their own

The section role has to be matched in QML, because I'm not a fan of using non-deterministic translatable properties as discriminators.

kcm: Hide or disable Connect buttons for blocked devices

The upstream BlueZ project allows blocking devices which is inhibits their ability to initiate connections to the device. However, for some reasons (probably due to a bug or an assumption about the async nature) it still allows attempting to connect to it, but will actually connect and disconnect twice before bailing out with an error like this:

org.bluez.Error.Failed br-connection-aborted-by-remote

which doesn't even sound correct because the remove never connects -- evidences by testing on the headphones which usually play "Bluetooth connected" voice line whenever they actually connect, which in this case they don't do.

So to solve this we should prevent users from attempting to connect to their blocked devices by disabling the Connect button or even hiding the entries completely. Hiding in the applet makes sense because applets are designed for quick access and not complete system management.

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