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Add viewswitcher support for libhandy version 1.0+

Jacob Kauffmann requested to merge jacobkauffmann/breeze-gtk:master into master

The current CSS for the libhandy viewswitcher no longer works with libhandy1 (it only works with libhandy0.) It works properly on KDE Neon because Ubuntu 20.04 only ships libhandy0, but Arch Linux and Ubuntu 20.10 both ship libhandy1 and newer application versions that use it (such as GNOME Clocks 3.38.)

To test on KDE Neon, download and install the following 20.10 .deb packages, then completely close the libhandy demo and GNOME Clocks before re-opening them (using handy-1-demo instead of handy-0.0-demo):


demo-before clocks-before


demo-after clocks-after

Since this isn't removing or replacing the older CSS, libhandy0 applications are still supported. I found that I needed more lines to achieve roughly the same style as the current libhandy0 CSS (I referenced upstream Adwaita to find some of the selectors.)

Differences between the current libhandy0 styling and the new libhandy1 styling:

  • The on-click color is a lighter blue (the standard color for buttons being clicked).
  • The hover color in the headerbar is lighter instead of darker (it was already lighter in the non-headerbar view).
  • The animation for the "needs attention" dot doesn't seem to be working.

Suggestions/revisions are welcome to take care of the discrepancies and simplify this if possible.

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