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KStyle: Fix QQC2 desktop style Slider (step ticks) in RTL

ivan tkachenko requested to merge work/ratijas/slider-ticks into master

We didn't do any mirroring to the sliders ticks position based on layout direction, and this caused qqc2-desktop-style sliders to render ticks in the wrong direction.

The two options should be used: upsideDown flag, and the layout direction value. Each of them has the potential of reversing a slider, and when both are set the slider should actually remain left-to-right. This fits the description of XOR operator.

Quoting Jan:

This wasn't broken with QWidgets because QSlider relies on (ab)using the upsideDown option in order to achieve mirroring of the groove instead of option->direction, and consequently, this change doesn't affect Qt widgets apps at all.

Co-Authored-By: Jan Blackquill
BUG: 430101





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