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Add outlines to window decoration

Akseli Lahtinen requested to merge (removed):window-outline into master

This merge request would add outlines to window decorations. This will help users like me who have hard time distinct windows from each other, especially with dark themes that can be quite strong and make the shadows difficult to see.

The outline takes the background color of the window and inverts it, so it should match any background color pretty well.

Breeze Dark


Breeze Light (with normal size borders) Old image, since now the very light themes do not have outlines if shadows are on, since shadows provide enough clarity for them.


Breeze Classic


Do share if the outline seems too strong or if you think there's other ways to improve it.

I had couple more ideas for this, but I wasn't sure if it was needed so I wanted to ask before I do it in this MR:

  • Should the user be able to disable the outlines?
  • Should the user be able to set the accent color as the outline?
  • Should the user be able to set the outlines only for active window or all windows? (Or off?)

(I've made threads for those below)

BUG: 455248

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