Revert "Draw frame outline at the outer edge, not a pixel further inside"

Fabian Vogt requested to merge work/framerevert into master

This reverts commit 7e678c34 and the followup.

   A       B
+-----+ +-----+   C
|     | |XXXXX| +---+
| XXX | |X   X| |XXX|
| XCX | |X C X| |XCX|
| XXX | |X   X| |XXX|
|     | |XXXXX| +---+
+-----+ +-----+

Initially it was A, the referenced commit changed it to be B instead, which created a 1px gap between frame and content, and the followup avoids that gap by adjusting the frame width, resulting in C.

Although it's consistent, it leads to a worse apperance in places where the 1px margin between frame and rect was expected.

See the discussion in !52 (merged).

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