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Overhaul app page

Nate Graham requested to merge ngraham/discover:overhaul-app-page into master

Apologies in advance to @carlschwan, who sent a merge request for a similar design a year or two ago and I didn't like it. In retrospect, I think he was right and I was wrong, and this is my take on that style of design.

With VDG guidance and mockups, this commit aims to increase the aesthetic qualities and usefulness of the Application page in the following ways:

  • Move all the metadata from their rather hidden location on the bottom of the page to much higher up on the page in a new layout
  • Add a defined header area that contains entirely informational metadata and screenshots
  • Make all the actionable metadata (e.g. "read documentation," "visit homepage," "report bug") into buttons
  • Improve the license display by only showing the first two when there are a lot, with a "show more" button to see them all
  • Make the main content area centered rather than left-aligned when the page is wide enough to have the content area's maximum width limited

BUG: 447403 BUG: 438920 FIXED-IN: 5.25


I tried my best to test these changes with as many apps as possible, but this merge request really requires that people test it for themselves on their distros, with the apps available to them. Simply looking at the pictures will not be enough.

Nevertheless, here are some examples of apps in desktop view:

Desktop Examples Here
Desktop_-_Battle_for_Wesnoth Desktop_-_Krita Desktop_-_Endless_Sky

Examples of apps in mobile view:

Mobile Examples Here
Mobile_-_Telegram_Desktop Mobile_-_Mattermost Mobile_-_Shippy1984
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