Warn users about the risks of proprietary software

Users may not be aware of the differences between proprietary and FOSS apps, or even what "proprietary" means. Discover can help do a bit of constructive user education here.

For proprietary apps, now we display the license name in orange text and display a "What's the risk?" link that when clicked will give users a little mini explanation about the dangers of proprietary software, including a link to a relevant gnu.org page on the subject.

See also the discussion at teams/vdg/issues#4 (closed) spawned this idea. It will be up to the user to notice the orange text and the link and proactively click on it, so hopefully it won't be too "in your face". Hopefully this should strike an adequate balance between informing and annoying the user.

App with both proprietary and FOSS licenses App with only proprietary licenses Warning text in the dialog
proprietary_and_FOSS Proprietary_app Proprietary_app_warning

In these screenshots, the proprietary license being named "LicenseRef-proprietary" is a pre-existing bug not introduced with this MR that should and will be fixed separately.

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