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PackageKitBackend: Support distro upgrades

Alessandro Astone requested to merge aleasto/discover:fedora-upgrade into master
  • Does this need to be enabled on a per-distro basis? How?
  • How to navigate automatically to Updates page when clicking the button in the InlineMessage?
  • Because apparently not many PackageKit backends (not dnf at least) implement getDistroUpgrades() this uses AppStream Pool::componentsById instead. One caveat is that in fedora that returns "Rawhide" while PackageKit::Daemon::upgradeSystem() expects "rawhide". Actually, unstable releases are filtered out, but i still left in a call to toLower().
  • Should there be a flag/setting/envvar to enable unstable/beta upgrades?

To test, remove the AppStream::Release::KindStable filter and run in fedora 37

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