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Make it even more super obvious when there's a distro update error

This commit makes it even more super obvious what you should do when you encounter an update issue, in the following ways:

  • Explicitly tell people to report it to their distro, and mention the distro by name
  • Also put the name of the distro on the "report a bug" button
  • Make the "report a bug" button physically larger and the "copy text" button physically smaller by changing their labels, so that the "report a bug" button has more visual prominence
  • Separate the two buttons with whitespace so they don't blend into one another
  • When the "copy text" button is clicked, show a message repeating the instructions to report the issue to the distro, not to KDE
Before After
Before After

(simulated error message of course, because Fedora KDE doesn't ever have update issues)

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