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Small redesign of ApplicationPage


  • Use buttons for things that perform actions within the app
  • Use links for things that open external URLs
  • Unify and improve spacing between logical groups
  • Remove redundant app name in some headings

It's sort of unnecessarily huge sitting on the page, and there's plenty of room for it up on the toolbar. This saves a bit of space on the page and facilitates turning the other buttons on this row into underlined links to make it clear that they will open a page in your browser.

BUG: 475848 FIXED-IN: 6.2

Before After
Before After


Items of note

We could perhaps collapse the "Learn More" and "Get Involved" sections into one, since both are about opening external links. But then what would we name that section? Maybe we could remove the header text entirely?

I could be convinced out of re-adding the separator lines, but I had difficulty avoiding making the sections visually blend together without them. The only way I could find was by using a truly enormous amount of spacing between sections (like 32px or more) which also didn't look good IMO.

While doing this work, I noticed some pre-existing bugs, which are not fixed here:

  • Addons sheet content is broken
  • Addons button never appears
  • Packagekit app permissions section never appears
Edited by Nate Graham

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