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    update lots of the libs and plasma mappings · d893dc31
    Harald Sitter authored
    '=> kde' below means that the product no longer has a mapping and will
    get reported against the generic kde product as per a recent change that
    directs unmapped products at 'kde' instead of ignoring the report.
    gone generally means either the mapping and/or the binary/product itself
    are gone
    - kdebugdialog: gone, in kdelibs4support, has no bugz product => kde
    - kdeinit4: now 5, framework
    - kdepasswd: gone, can't find it anywhere
    - kdialog: has its own product now, no mapping needed
    - keditfiletype: kde-cli-tools
    - kfmclient: now 5, framework
    - kglobalaccel: has no bugz product => kde
    - kiconfinder: gone
    - kuiserver: gone
    - kded4: now 5, framework
    - kcmshell4: now 5, kde-cli-tools
    - kwalletd: now 5, framework
    - kwrited: has its own product now, no mapping needed
    - kbuildsycoca4: now 5, framework
    - knotify4: gone
    - kcminit: gone (useless mapping see intro paragraph)
    - kioclient: now 5, kde-cli-tools
    - ktrash: now framework
    - kpackagetool5: map to correct product, framework
    - various plasma bits -desktop, mid, overlay, 2jolie, gik, tests: gone
    - plasmapkg: now 2, framework
    - lancelot: gone
    - plasma-windowed: fix product name