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sentry: add ability to send user messages along

Harald Sitter requested to merge work/sitter/message into master

this actually was an existing feature but limited to run as part of the bug reporting workflow. since that workflow is now fairly hidden we need a new way to get data from the user.

the sentrypage now contains a feedback field.

this required some reshuffling on the backend side of things since we have two scenarios to consider: comment finished before trace, and trace finished before comment. this is insofar a complication as currently sentry feedback payloads must be associated with an event, so the only legit ways of transmitting the data is event&feedback or event followed by feedback, but never feedback followed by event. headache material.

the primary change regarding this is that the event_id from python is now overridden by an envelope event_id. the latter now provides a stable id for both event and user_report instead of the previous nonesense of extracting the event_id from the event to serve as envelope id.

additionally we can now write the same envelope twice. this allows us to get away with the original UX - the event sends ASAP. a possible user_report will then be submitted later by simply re-delivering the entire envelope including user_report (the excess event is discarded server side).

Please not that for testing with kdesrc-build you need to make sure that your system level services are in order. Specifically the following files must be in place on the host:

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