provide blurEnabled for decoration

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decoration blurEnabled is going to substitute the json way of specifying if a decoration requires blur or not. By having a specific property to take that responsibility we have the following benefits:

  • decorations can change blurEnabled value dynamically from their settings. So decorations can now provide both blur or not based on user preference
  • theme engines such as Aurorae do not have to enforce blur or not to their themes and they can support blur enabled and disabled themes at the same time
  • by making blurEnabled default value to false the Korners bug is fixed for all solid aurorae themes. Breeze and Oxygen have already set blur:false so nothing changes for them. Supporting blurRegion already means that designers must update their themes properly in order to support decoration blur so at the same time they can specify the new blurEnabled property to true if they want
  • all aurorae themes that do not require blur will free up system resources by default
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