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effects/cube: New effect

Vlad Zahorodnii requested to merge work/zzag/desktop-cube-effect into master

This change implements the desktop cube effect using QtQuick 3D. It's a much simpler version of the old desktop cube effect. You can rotate the cube and click LMB to switch to the currently viewed virtual desktop.

Keyboard navigation is simple too:

  • Escape - quit the effect
  • Left and Right arrow keys - rotate the cube left or right, respectively
  • Enter/Space/Return - switch to the currently viewed desktop

Mouse navigation:

  • LMB click - switch to the currently viewed desktop
  • Press LMB and drag - rotate the cube
  • Wheel up and down - move the cube farther or closer, respectively

The cube effect reserves Meta+C keyboard shortcut. You need to have at least three virtual desktops in order to activate the effect.

BUG: 438883

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