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Plasma 6: Make colorpicker Premium again!

ivan tkachenko requested to merge work/ratijas/6/colorpicker-enter into master

Fix QML/JS code style, add explicit signal arguments

Only reset global current index from a real current item

The rule is simple: don't reset "currentIndex" if it does not belong to you. There may be a race condition between different MouseAreas.

This came up in multiple places across Plasma software. Last thing I remember, we fixed Pager (virtual desktops/activities) applet from flickering the wrong tiles.

Factor out logic from signal handler

This would make it easier to fix things in a follow-up patch.

Fix copying color via keyboard

Hijacking MouseArea::clicked(MouseEvent mouse) signal like that is not supported.

Open context menu on Menu key press

Use native relative positioning Menu API

Works better than manual home-brew {0, height} thing, and automatically flips to the other side in RTL layouts as well as when there's not enough screen space around.

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