wallpapers/hunyango: Various improvements

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This MR:

  • Sets an initial colour, so that the wallpaper does not start off as white and animates to a colour, but starts with that colour.
  • Removes the ability to click to change the colour, as this is now an option in the context menu (and makes more sense as one).
  • Enforces 16:9 aspect ratio and fills the screen, rather than stretching to fill the screen which looks really awful (the circles are stretched).
  • Removes unused cruft in code (from Haenau I believe).

It does not add an option for the colour change interval as a previous version of this MR, because the settings UI appears to be broken currently. I'll do this in the future, adding it to both this and Haenau in one go.

From an older version of this MR:

This MR prevents the initial colour animation from appearing when the wallpaper is first shown, making it more appropriate for use in the screen locker. It also adds an option to change the colour refresh interval (default 30s, range 5s to 300s/5m).

It is marked as draft because I am unable to test this on Plasma 6 yet (the work was rebased from Plasma/5.27, and inadequately tested there). "Color change interval" might be a poor way to communicate the option to users, and I will probably also add the update interval option to Haenau too.

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