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Simple KCM for KRDP

Akseli Lahtinen requested to merge work/akselmo/kcm into master

Adds a basic KCM for the KRDP. All settings are the parameters the server binary exposes for now.

Could use also ideas and feedback from @teams/vdg since currently it's very basic looking.

Current implementation saves and loads settings to ~/.config/krdpserverrc file, and autogenerates the certificates to ~/.local/share/krdpserver/

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  • Create list of users instead of one user
  • Show a warning if user has no h264 encoding
  • Show the local ip address if ip address is unset
  • Autostart item
  • Switch to toggle server on or off?
  • Hook everything up with the server implementation
  • System tray notification for the server
  • Check if server is running or not and set the toggle accordingly
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