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    feat: expose keyboard layout Short Name via DBus · a482d73d
    Andrey Butirsky authored
    Due space constraints, Short Name is the only name suitable for keyboard
    layout indication on panels and systray. Usually it's just 2 symbols
    corresponding to standard ISO country code.
    libxkbcommon doesn't have this information, so we have to store it in
    compositor for the exposing:
    It's exposed by getLayoutDisplayName() DBus method now, as it should initially.
    For Long Name, getCurrentLayoutLongName() method was added.
    Relevant P-W commits:
    Keyboard Layout plugin: passthrough Short Name from compositor to QML applet
    fix: Keyboard Layout plugin: wrong property for passing Short Name
    X11 part, P-D:
    feat: expose keyboard layout Long Name via DBus
    CCBUG: 390079
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