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    Add CMake variable to rename kwin binaries · f3443a6b
    Martin Flöser authored
    A CMake variable is used to specify the name of the binary.
    By default this is "kwin" but building for PA changes the
    name to "kwinactive". The variable adjusts all names, e.g.
    kwinnvidiahack becomes kwinactivenvidiahack.
    The remaining usage of kwinrc in core and libs is replaced
    by a cmakedefine for the configuration name and all data
    installations are moved to the defined name. Dynamic loading
    for scripts & co is adjusted for loading based on defined name.
    This change allows the side-by-side installation of both kwin
    for desktop and kwin for Plasma Desktop without the known
    issues like conflicts in config files or missing build options
    if kwin desktop is used for Plasma Active.
    Likewise the KCMs are not adjusted as they are not intended to
    be used for kwinactive.
    REVIEW: 104299
    BUG: 296084
    FIXED-IN: 4.9.0
    CCMAIL: active@kde.org
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