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Add stylus support to window decoration and window focus

Fushan Wen requested to merge (removed):BUG432104-decoration-stylus-input into master
  • Add tabletToolEvent() to DecorationEventFilter class so it can handle tablet events.
  • Add tabletToolEvent() to MoveResizeFilter class to avoid incorrect titlebar highlight after a window is resized by using a stylus.
  • Add tabletToolEvent() to WindowActionInputFilter class so window focus can be changed by clicking on the window content area when using a stylus.
  • Add update() to TabletInputRedirection::tabletToolEvent() to enable switching window focus by using a stylus.

BUG: 432104


See also

!1647 (merged) !1696 (closed)

Known issues

  • The titlebar must be clicked once to function normally.
  • When the stylus hovers on the decoration at first, the content area will not respond to the stylus.
  • The menu has a titlebar when clicking with a stylus. (not a regression, could be a Qt bug.
  • If kickoff (can't reproduce on other applets) is opened by touch for the first time after kwin_wayland starts, it will not respond to stylus hover events until clicking on it. (MouseArea in KickoffItemDelegate needs rework.
  • After moving a window, the content area will not respond to stylus (hover/click events) until clicking once.
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