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Improvements to Gesture System

Eric Edlund requested to merge ericedlund/kwin:gestureimprovements into master

Improvements to Gesture System

  • Implement pinch gestures
  • Stop real time gesture callbacks from canceling early
  • Gesture's can now reverse without lifting fingers
  • Push new fingerCount parameter up registerGesture chain so effects can specify finger count for gestures
  • Make Desktop Grid effect use pinch
  • Overview uses swipe up

BUG: 402859


  • I changed a lot of the internals for global shortcut gesture handling. I haven't noticed anything break, but maybe try all the global gesture shortcuts?
  • If you start a gesture swiping in one direction, than switch to the opposite direction, the gesture should reverse after you've crossed the starting point for the gesture. You shouldn't be able to start swiping up and then switch to right; you're locked on that axis. This should work with pinch and swipe, although pinch you can't really test because pinch expanding doesn't trigger anything yet. Virtual desktop switching for example, although not animated, should still respond to the final direction of your swipe.
  • Pinch contracting and swipe up 4 fingers should show the desktop grid effect and the transition should be smooth and continue backwards if you start retracting the gesture.



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