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Custom quick tiling with configuration ui

Marco Martin requested to merge work/mart/customZoneTiling into master
  • Allow to do quick tiling to custom tile geometries, windows will be snapped to tiles when dragged with the shift modifier pressed.
  • Tile geometries are screen specific.
  • The global shortcut Meta+T will trigger a fullscreen configuration ui as a QML effect for the tiles which allows to add, remove and resize tiles
  • UI and behavior is a bit similar to the Windows Fancy Zones addon:
  • Its main scope is to help the workflow with very big monitors, especially ultra wide ones, where most application don't make sense maximized to the full screen (eventually also support games to be full screened to a given tile instead of the whole screen)
  • it should get also some bindings for scripting, as its ain goal is not to replicate other popular tiling window managers, but should give the popular kwin tiling scripts to have a more robust infrastructure
  • it will eventually get support for a set of predefined layouts, but this is for a second phase

BUG: 438788

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