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Draft: wayland: Add support for xdg-session-v1

Vlad Zahorodnii requested to merge work/zzag/xdg-session-v1 into master

This change uses slightly modified version of the upstream protocol proposal:

  • clients are responsible for picking toplevel ids
  • add_toplevel and restore_toplevel were merged in a single request to simplify the compositor side implementation and cut down the amount of corner cases, e.g. calling add_toplevel multiple times for the same toplevel, etc
  • the surface arg has been removed in xdg_toplevel_session_v1.restored as it's redundant

some notes:

  • it makes sense to move xdg_session_v1.remove_toplevel to xdg_toplevel_session_v1.remove in order to be consistent with xdg_session_manager_v1.get_session and xdg_session_v1.remove


  • use KSharedDataCache or something like that for session storage
  • get the upstream protocol merged

closes #113

Edited by Vlad Zahorodnii

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