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Merge Unmanaged into X11Window

Vlad Zahorodnii requested to merge work/zzag/merge-x11-window-and-unmanaged into master

Currently, managed and override-redirect windows are split in two types: X11Window and Unmanaged. While looking at it strictly from type perspective, this is great. But it creates other problems, e.g. we need to put shared X11-specific code in the base Window class or mess with "base" classes.

As an alternative solution, this change merges the Unmanaged class into the X11Window class and disables some functionality based on the value of isUnmanaged().

X11Window::manage() is used to create a managed Window. X11Window::track() is used to create an unmanaged Window.

cc #122 (closed)

Edited by Vlad Zahorodnii

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