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placement: cascade if placed window would completely overlap another visible window

When a placed window would completely cover another non-hidden window, cascade it if possible.

In the current version this behavior is applied to the default placement policy (centered). I'm open for opinions on which other placement modes it might make sense for:

  • Minimal Overlapping: This method already checks for overlap with any window to find the optimal place so I'm not sure it makes sense to start over again afterwards
  • Maximized: Not possible to cascade anyway
  • Cascaded: Obviously redundant
  • Random: Makes sense I think
  • Centered: This method suffers from overlap the most so if anything this one should have it
  • In Top-Left Corner: This would just make it almost equivalent to Cascaded, so probably not very useful
  • Under Mouse: Also makes sense I think
before after
before after

BUG: 58063

Edited by Natalie Clarius

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