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ICC Color Correction effect

Vitaliy Filippov requested to merge vitaliyf/kwin:icc-effect-master into master

Resubmit from here Hi, I want to submit a simple full-screen ICC color correction effect that I made. I'm using it with 5.14.5 5.17.5 already. It doesn't have multi-monitor support yet, but I would like to submit it first and try to add the multi-monitor feature later. Its configuration is intentionally simplified, it doesn't talk to colord or old kolor-manager or oyranos or anything else. The only dependency is LCMS2 which is available everywhere so it's not a problem to build. All you have to do to configure color correction is to build a color profile for your screen using ArgyllCMS or DisplayCAL GUI wrapper, select it in the effect configuration as target profile, and set another profile (for example, Adobe RGB) as source.

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