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Merge desktop grid and overview together with a new three-state design

Niccolò Venerandi requested to merge work/niccolove/betteroverview7 into master

Merges the desktop grid and overview effects together in a new three-state one; you can switch between them with a certain shortcut or gesture, and you can also still access either the desktop grid or overview directly.

Default shortcuts are also updated to be Meta+G for Grid, Meta+W for Overview, Meta+Tab to switch between the three states and Meta+Shift+Tab to cycle in the opposite direction.

BUG: 474044 BUG: 460661 BUG: 460774 BUG: 456572 BUG: 449601 BUG: 450262 BUG: 449801 BUG: 461510 BUG: 463886 BUG: 459754 BUG: 459749 BUG: 459748 BUG: 459467 FIXED-IN: 6.0

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