XWayland: allow snooping non-character keys with elevated snooping modes

Nate Graham requested to merge ngraham/kwin:allow-snooping-f-keys-too into master

These keys do not represent a security risk to allow apps to snoop since they can't be used to type passwords etc.

BUG: 474705 FIXED-IN: 6.0

Test plan

  1. Set the snooping mode to the second or third setting in the KCM
  2. Use Discord
  3. Have a friend in Discord
  4. Set your push-to-talk key in Discord to a non-character key like Shift or Home or F12
  5. Start an audio or video chat with your friend (it's okay if they don't answer)
  6. Alt+Tab to another window
  7. Press your push-to-talk key

If it worked, you'll see a green circle around your avatar, indicating that your microphone is now recording.

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