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xwayland: Add option to additionally eavesdrop on mouse buttons

Oliver Beard requested to merge work/olib/xwayland-mouse-buttons into master

Adds an option to additionally eavesdrop on mouse buttons, with a separate checkbox. It is enabled only when eavesdropping occurs, and can be used with any eavesdropping mode, without security implications.

BUG: 466448

An overload is added for PointerInterface::sendButton, matching the behaviour of KeyboardInterface::sendKey, to use a specific client (xwaylandClient).

Example use case: Using mouse button as push-to-talk key in Discord

I recommend further refactoring in pointer.cpp: the function PointerInterface::sendButton(quint32 button, PointerButtonState state, quint32 serial) could be changed to not take a serial but to get the next serial, matching the versions of KeyboardInterface::sendKey.

Edited by Oliver Beard

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