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Draft: AppMenu: port to standard XDG dbus annotation manager

Janet Blackquill requested to merge work/jblackquill/xdg-dbus-annotation into master

This protocol is an upstreaming of the old_kde_kwin_appmenu and effectively replaces our propietary one.

No user-facing changes should be expected.


Needs to implement:

  • using client-wide menubars, but all of our infrastructure is built around the assumption that menubars 1:1 with windows
    • maybe just use client-wide menubars as a "fallback" for clients w/o a menubar specified in said infrastructure?

Needs to discuss / notes:

  • should the annotation manager be more clearly separated from the uses in application menu stuff?
    • that would be more Logically Correct if code is being organized by wayland protocols, but not if code is being organized by functionality
    • the annotations are only being used for application menu stuff currently, but that could change in the future
    • it would make the diff substantially More to spin out the direct protocol stuff from the application menu manager
  • while writing this i realised that i don't actually filter for the DBus interface and doing that would require having somewhere else to store "rejected" interfaces to noop them
  • so i guess we do need to split that here

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