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Add a kwin script for switching to last-used desktop

Junfeng Qiao requested to merge junfengqiao/kwin:switch_desktop into master

As the title says, this is a very simple kwin script to add a shortcut (default Meta + Tab) to switch between the current and the last-used virtual desktop.

The reason why I created this and want to merge it to upstream kwin:

  • I upgraded to KDE 6 (which is very nice!), then a plasmoid I used a lot, virtual-desktop-bar, is broken
  • The functionality I miss the most is the shortcut it provided to allow me to switch to last-used desktop, which is a quality-of-life change to me, since I have 6 different virtual desktops, to configure KDE sort of like a tiling window manager 😄
  • I don't have the time and knowledge to fork the virtual-desktop-bar and port it to KDE 6, therefore, I fallback to the KDE-bundled pager plasmoid, and wrote this simple kwin script to bring back the most important functionality for me.
  • Upstreaming this script to kwin repo could avoid future breakage, and I believe (and hope) it could be useful to other people as well

Thank you very much for your time in reading this!

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