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Various fixes to compact representation sizes

Arjen Hiemstra requested to merge work/ahiemstra/compactsize into master
  • faces/bar: Restore bar count based minimum size for compact rep

Bar charts used to have a minimum size based on form factor and bar count, but that was incorrectly dropped recently. Restore that behaviour and additionally check for orientation so we can reuse the behaviour for vertical orientation.

BUG: 487504

  • faces/bars: Use smallSpacing as height for bars in compact rep

To match the pie chart and allow more bars to be visible at once.

  • faces/bars: Remove spacing on top and bottom of compact rep

I don't really recall why this is here, we should just try to use the full space, it's already small enough.

  • faces/line: Try to maintain a square shape as preferred width when compact

  • faces/line: Restore wider minimum for horizontal form factor

This was incorrectly changed in a previous commit.

  • faces/pie: Remove maximumHeight restriction from Pie chart in full rep

It doesn't really serve a useful purpose and causes the pie to be limited to the title size even if there is plenty of space for it to expand.

BUG: 486993

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