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    PC3: Support RTL layouts in controls · cbc5d3d6
    ivan tkachenko authored
    Main change here is in PC3/private/IconLabel: Flattening one layer of
    Items and unmirroring its left/right padding.
    Padding sizes are not mirrored in QtQuick.Controls, so as unfortunate as
    it is we better be consistent with stdlib rather than reinventing them
    on Plasma's side.
    Since this IconLabel component is a plain Item and not a T.Control, it
    doesn't have the `mirrored` shortcut property exposed (even though it
    has it in C++ internals, which is how and why LayoutMirroring magic
    actually works). So we redefine the property with a sane default
    expression, and then forward the value from controls than use it if
    All controls that use IconLabel are now fully functional in RTL too:
     - PC3.CheckBox,
     - PC3.CheckDelegate,
     - PC3.ItemDelegate,
     - PC3.RadioButton,
     - PC3.RadioDelegate,
     - PC3.Switch,
     - PC3.SwitchDelegate,
     - and PC3.TabButton.
    Theirs and their indicators' positioning is synced to a default QQC2
    implementation except it also takes an icon into account.
    While at it, this patch bumps some QML imports and strips some unused