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Use adaptive transparency and tweak contrast effect to make better use of it

Niccolò Venerandi requested to merge work/adaptivemoretransparency into master

Before, breeze light:


After, breeze light:


Before, breeze dark:


After, breeze dark (ignore many unrelated visual bugs):


Contrast effect is used to ensure that text is always readable. After months of using my slightly more transparent theme I can safely say this should work with all possible wallpapers. This was originally proposed but met some criticism that was addressed by the adaptive transparency patch this depends on.

Depends on plasma-desktop!97 (merged)

Clearing cache is necessary for testing. Please not that changing these values and the opacities is extremely prone to error, cache problems and breakages, so please compare the outcome of this patch with the above screenshots and comment if you have a different result so that I can investigate.

This should wait to land until the plasma-frameworks release aligned with 5.21.

Uses an explicit intensity value as the selected one is unusable when saturation has a high value.

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