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PlasmoidHeading: Turn location into an alias for position property

ivan tkachenko requested to merge work/ratijas/position-location into master

It's deprecated, but it can't be removed for compatibility reasons. It's enum valued, but the values are identical to those of T.ToolBar, so they are perfectly compatible, and it shouldn't be a breaking change to replace one with another.

Default value of position property is Header, which is set in C++ in constructor. Specifying it in QML have used to have the negative side-effect of breaking the magic of automatic (implicit) positioning done by TabBar, ToolBar and DialogButtonBox.

How many times did I mention that the best way to write QML is "nocode"?

Link to magic method:

Related patch: plasma-pa!94 for now it needs to "just remove location".

CC @niccolove

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