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PC3: Improve support for RTL sliders

ivan tkachenko requested to merge work/ratijas/slope into master

Fixes steps ticks not highlighted under current value in RTL.

Fixes slider groove visibly collapsing in front of a handle near the start of a slider, i.e. close to the from value by extending the groove up to at least a half of the handle, but still filling 100% space when value === to.

Removes duplicated (identical) code for an extra tick: it works just as fine with an incremented numeric model.

Rounds up all potentially floating sizes to ensure that there are no visual glitches or off-by-one-pixel jumps back and forth.

Simple test for mirroring and edge cases:

Before After
Note the lack of blue tick highlighting on the bottom, and the subtly gray ends of sliders on the second row.
(Top is en_US, bottom is ar_EG. Until Qt 6.2 it was not possible to unmirror controls)

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