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Make results delegate list items a bit taller with bigger icons

We generally use the smallMedium (22px) icon size for small-ish-but-not-too-small icons as they have a better visual balance with adjacent text, compared to the small (16px) icon size. 22px icons also generally look better than 16px icons. Moving the results list items to use smallMedium icons offers a better visual balance, and adding a tiny of vertical padding balances out everything a bit more to provide more "breathing room" between the rows.

As a consequence, the maximum number of results visible at once has to decrease a bit, but this is generally not a major problem as the user can simply keep typing to refine their search to find what it is they're looking for.

BUG: 422567 FIXED-IN: 5.23

Before, small number of results After, small number of results
Before__small_number_of_things After__small_number_of_things
Before, medium number of results After, medium number of results
Before__medium_number_of_things After__medium_number_of_things
Before, large number of results After, large number of results
Before__lots_of_things After__lots_of_things

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Edited by Nate Graham

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