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Folder View: with menu representation, always open with a single click

The single-click/double click setting applies to file and folder views. Folder View is definitely a file and folder view. However, when Folder view is in its list/menu representation, it's not presenting as a file or folder view, it's presenting as a menu. And menus always trigger their items with a single click.

We already do a similar thing by always activating with a single touchscreen tap, bypassing the user's single/double-click preference. So there's precedent for having a hardcoded behavior to support certain UX paradigms.

Hence, in list/menu mode, don't respect the user's setting for single/double click and always activate items with a single click.

BUG: 420261 FIXED-IN: 6.0

Test plan

  1. Apply MR and restart plasmashell
  2. Put a Folder View widget in your Panel with its default settings
  3. Be using the systemwide setting for double-click-to-open
  4. Click the Folder View widget and then click a file or folder in the pop-up menu.

Without this MR: the file becomes selected.

With this MR: the file is opened.

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