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landingpage: Fix "Most Used Pages" grid

ivan tkachenko requested to merge work/ratijas/land into master

landingpage: Set implicit size, so that kcmshell doesn't open too small

landingpage: Clean up a comment

ButtonGroup is good, ButtonGroup is needed, leave ButtonGroup alone.

landingpage: Clean up unused function

landingpage: Fix broken binding in "Most Used Pages" grid

First rule of the fighting club: never bind to a list. You never know what the heck you're up against.

On the other hand, assigning FormData.buddyFor in a procedural way in the Repeater's hook is robust, and there's nothing that could go wrong.

CCBUG: 468712

landingpage: Port "Most Used Pages" grid to Kirigami.SizeGroup

Even though SizeGroup is unpolished and to-be-redone, it is still better than hand-rolled implementation of O(n^2/2) custom property watcher.

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