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PanelConfiguration: Add "Done" button; move "Delete Panel" button away from the terminal area

The current layout of the dialog can look like "if you're happy with this panel configuration, finally let's delete the panel". This is because, as Gutenberg Diagram suggests, users read the evenly distributed UI from top left to bottom right, and assume the last button in the terminal area is a call-to-action.

Therefore, do not place the "Delete Panel" button in the terminal area. Instead, this places a "Done" button in the terminal area to complete the workflow.

To do it, this:

  • adds "Done" button to the bottom right
  • moves "Delete Panel" button to the top right
  • moves "Add Widgets…" and "Add Spacer" buttons to the bottom left
  • moves "Focus shortcut:" to the bottom of the main content

As a bonus, this increases the visual connection between the "Add Widgets…" button and the Widgets explorer by placing the button on the far left of the dialog.

Before After
image image


Edited by Taro Tanaka

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