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applets/taskmanager: Fix grid layout for forced multiple rows/columns

Ismael Asensio requested to merge work/iasensio/taskmanager-layout into master

In the case of forced multiple rows/columns, to calculate the effective width and height of the TaskList we need to know the exact number of rows and columns, and also the average occupation of those (fractional if some rows are not full)

Forced multiple rows(2) Multiple rows(2) on low space
Screenshot_20240619_110028 Screenshot_20240619_110137
Screenshot_20240619_110035 Screenshot_20240619_110216
Screenshot_20240619_110045 Screenshot_20240619_110226
Screenshot_20240619_110109 Screenshot_20240619_110234

BUG: 488702
FIXED-IN: 6.1.1

Note: untested on IOTM or vertical panels, but as it is using common values it should work the same

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